Online CRM For Australian / Global Real Estate Industry

Online CRM For Australian / Global Real Estate Industry


Job Description

Online CRM For Australian / Global Real Estate Industry
Research the best Australian CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) systems available on the market.
Applying all the features and functionality of each CRM as well as improving on them.
Creating better / improved features and functions on CRM than whats available on the market place.
CRM for all types and categories of real estate, eg (residential, commercial) etc
CRM to be country specific and global.
CRM to be online
Secure back up system with no data loss
CRM to be able to sync, communicate and transfer data from Apple products, Android, iCloud, Outlook, Microsoft products, Thunderbird, websites etc.
All feature list from all leading CRMs with improvements.
CRM to be fully 100% customisable, changeable and upgradable.
CRM to be our technology. (No Templates)
CRM to be able to be adapted /changed to other industries also.
CRM to have back end management and hierarchy of responsibilities.
CRM to be made from the most advanced technologies.
Other point to be given to the successful applicant.
$500 to be completed within 1-2 months
No Upfront Payment. Payment only on successfully reaching Milestones

Skills: research, management, software-development, customer-relations, cache-database, real-estate, systems-programming

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