Web Site Redesign

Web Site Redesign


Job Description

We have a web site for a software company. We use it to advertise and promote our product, and attract elads.

We want to modernize the site, to make it look more professional. Perhaps add a bit of flash.

At present, the site is created using HTML and ASP. With some vbScript. It uses templates (that were created using Dreamweaver).

You should have skills in HTML and ASP and/or ASP.NET.

Please let us have samples of a few web sites you have designed. We will contact some of the bidders with further confidential information about the site, with the URL, etc.

We have made a rough design for the new site. We know more or less how we want it laid out, but we want it to have a modern, professional look and feel.

Let us know what your hourly rate is.