Sales & Marketing Assistant

Sales & Marketing Assistant


Job Description


I am looking for dependable, honest and capable all-around VA with experience in web design, marketing and sales.

Some of the tasks include:
- post ads to classified sites
- write & rewrite marketing materials ( like ads, simple web content )
- post ads to business groups on social media (must have active/legit accounts)
- search and reply to classifieds, directories, forums and blogs via email
- create accounts, edit links, edit basic web-content & other basic admin tasks
- have basic HTML, WP, PHP, SEO skills

Please reply with
- time availability
- include phrase "I am human."
- relevant experience
- expected performance
( eg how many ads can you post per hour / to how many ads can you reply per hour and so on )

thank you

Skills: marketing, design, virtual-assistant-skills