Senior PHP and Wordpress Programmer

Senior PHP and Wordpress Programmer


Job Description

We are seeking a full time, dedicated senior level programmer for an ongoing assignment. Here are the requirements for this position:

Must have verifiable senior level experience with Wordpress including advanced theme customization and custom post types.

Must have senior level experience with PHP coding and debugging.

Must be HIGHLY detail oriented and take great pride in writing tight, well-organized code, and must be prepared to demonstrate this

Must be able to write English fluently. If your spoken English isn't great, that's ok. But we need for your written English to be excellent.

Must be available for 35 hours per week and must not be working any other assignment that requires more than 10 hours per week of your time.

Must be able to work very late or very early each workday to overlap with US work schedule. If you work 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, we would expect a work schedule that might be your noon to 7pm each day or your 5am to noon - something like that; a schedule that enables us to overlap each workday for at least an hour or two.

You must be willing and able to work online and check in your code at the end of each work day.

You will be modifying a website that needs updates in:
New forms development
Revision of user experience; making the site more user friendly
Addition/modification of new pages, links, interfaces...all the things typically required in website enhancment
This site has been developed by multiple developers. You must be comfortable with working with and modifying other programmers' work. We are not looking for someone to build a new site. We are looking for a senior level programmer to take our site from 'useable' and 'functional' to 'great user experience'. We will bring in graphics designer services as needed. If you have a graphics design partner, let us know that.

How to bid on this assignment:
1) Provide specific examples of work THAT YOU COMPLETED ALL BY YOURSELF. Tell us what you did alone and what you did as part of the team.
2)Give specific and verifiable examples of your experience with debugging PHP and Wordpress theme customization.
3) Tell us why you want this assignment, and why you consider yourself to be a senior level technical talent.

We are ready to start immediately, when we find the right candidate. Do not request a Skype interview. Answer the 3 questions above. If we like your answers, we will respond promptly.

The compensation total to odesk is $250 per week. This is an ongoing assignment.

Skills: english, graphics, design, debugging

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