Dropp shipping

Dropp shipping


Job Description

Mario Jacobsen import

we are a company that was established in 2009 and since then acquired fantasipriser.com
We want to build this larger and we need employeed in China.

Some of the work:

Can storage at the right price (10-30 sqm)
Sending out products to customers worldwide.
answear emails.
Run a eBay Shop.
And a web store.
Send products to my coustoumers in Norway that order from Fantasipriser.com


We have an idea and get a warehouse in China that we can send out the goods from and sell to other online stores around the world. we offer a drop shipping service. why we will not have stock in Norway is Because of the tax rules. It is mostly electronic products being sold.

We are looking for

English and Chinese speaking person,
Could be a leader.

we can offer

hour payment
possible future in a growing company

I am not that good in english but i know a lot about business