Job Description

I am looking for someone who speaks English, with no accent, to make calls off of a dialer to generate leads for my business.

No appointment setting, no sales. Simple data entry ability required. I am just looking for people that are looking for me. If they don't say "Yes", you move on to the next person. Will pay your hourly wage plus bonuses for superior performance. I'm looking for a long term telemarketer.

If interested send a voice file reading this script(If agency, send voice file of best English speaker if you wish to be considered) :

"Hello, Mrs. Jones? (Wait for reply). Hi, my name is <first name>. I'm calling from Hoosier Life Insurance. I was calling to see if you'd be interested in receiving a free (speak slowly and annunciate this last phrase) life and burial information package.

Great! I have your address as 133 street. And we're going to include some rates, so may I ask your age please? Now will this be for just you, or you and a spouse? Ok, now do either of you use tobacco products? And just for security, if somebody from our company were to contact you, what is your favorite color? Ok, Mrs. Jones, we'll get something out to you as soon as possible. Have a great day!"

You will need:

The ability to work 3-4 hours a day between 1pm-6pm eastern Monday-Friday.
A quiet place to work (no kids screaming/dogs barking).
A stable high-speed internet connection.
A computer.
A headset/mic that will plug into your computer.
Microsoft Excel

Skills: english