Magento Tutoring & Programming/Design Work

Magento Tutoring & Programming/Design Work


Job Description

I want to learn how to operate my Magento website from front to back. I have tried to import products and export products, but keep getting errors. I would also like to learn how to add logos and pictures to my homepage. I would also like the search engine to be upgraded so that exact matches come up. I would like a make, model, year added. Below is an example of what I what I want my website to look like. I am on a very small budget due to be scammed in the past. I would like to learn how to get my website's products imported with images and make the website buyer friendly overall. I am looking for a tutor, not someone to do all the work. I need someone who is skilled, but also willing to look at me as a loyal returning customer. Folks who want a large sum of money up front, move on to the next job. I am not willing to pay up front for a job that isn't completed. In saying that, I am a man of integrity and would never scam anyone else. My starting budget is $50, which is very small in the programming world. However, you will have a loyal customer that would reward the same loyalty in a bonus once this website takes off and starts producing revenue.

My website:

Desired Look Example Website:

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