AWS Setup/Migration

AWS Setup/Migration


Job Description

We're a small business that's involved in internet marketing, on the whole we are technically savvy but have no dedicated in-house technical resource (we outsource anything technical)

Even though we're small we operate a number of websites and have a considerable monthly PPC spend.

At present we have around 10 sites all of which are Wordpress based and hosted on RackSpace Cloud where we pay for the enhanced Managed Cloud service.

Reason we're looking to leave RackSpace Cloud

1. RackSpace Cloud does not play nice with WordPress (for the most part permission issues)

2. Whilst we like the security blanket of the managed service we have very little need of support (except for when we need to contact them because of a WordPress permission issue)

3. We want to setup a data warehousing/BI solution and a combination of AWS Redshit / AWS Jaspersoft ( seems like a perfect fit

4. One of the data sources we want to integrate the data warehouse with is a proprietary CRM developed/owned by a key partner in our business which is itself hosted on AWS

We've looked at AWS Consulting Partners and for the most part they seem aimed at medium to large enterprises, and in all likelihood that's probably overkill for us. Ideally we're looking for a good freelancer who can help us design/implement an AWS solution that meets our needs, and then help us manage/administer said solution on an ongoing basis, and where necessary provide support.

A brief overview of what we're looking to achieve:

Phase 1 - Setup New Data Warehousing/BI Solution
i) MySQL RDS database instance syncing with external data sources 
⁃ CRM via webhooks
⁃ Google Analytics via Analytics Canvass
⁃ Back office processing/CRM system hosted on AWS
ii) Redshift data warehousing syncing with the MySQL RDS databases
⁃ One way sync RDS > Redshift via AWS Datapipelone
iii) AWS Jaspersoft reporting suite connected to the Redshift data warehouse

Phase 2 - Migrate 10 Wordpress Sites from RackSpace Cloud to AWS

Phase 3 - Ongoing admin/support and involvement in future development projects

The solution is still very much in the planning stages and we have/will have some freelance data/business analysts and ETL experts engaged and a coder to assist with any requirements, we're looking for an AWS subject matter expert to help plan and build the solution, and then hopefully engage with us on an ongoing basis to provide maintenance/admin.

We work primarily in the UK financial services sector and so security, and being able to properly document our service/solution is a key consideration.

If this project sounds like a good fit for your skill set then we'd love to hear from you.

Many thanks