ASP .NET MVC 4 Auth on Azure

ASP .NET MVC 4 Auth on Azure


Job Description

I'm looking for a programmer that will work side-by-side with me on building a webservice using ASP .NET MVC4 framework.

The piece that the programmer would be working on is the Membership/Authentication module, and this will be hosted on Azure.
I will leave it up to you how you will approach this (managing token/ticket) since I'm not too familiar with Azure, membership, and Authentication (Although I did some research and found this

Project inculdes:
- Membership
- Roles
- Profile
- Login/Logout
- Ticket/token?
- Deploy it to Azure
- Regular check-in to TSF (I have this one setup)

Depending on the quality of work, the contract may be extended and the programmer would work on other modules of the project

Skills: mvc, .net