Need an SEO person

Need an SEO person


Job Description

i am looking for a seo nuke professional that can work on an hourly rate and do my link building. i have plenty of websites and this is an ongoing position.

you will be responsible for setting up the link building and tiers to get my websites ranked on the 1st page of google. i have already got my own sites ranked at number 1 with only 2 senuke blasts so i know what im doing however i do not have any spare time to focus on this part of my business.

i will require reports, and daily contact via either email or skype.

i am looking for someone to start my link building from scratch and provide detailed reports of the type of senuke blast completed, the list of sites blasted to and the indexing of those links. i need a structured tiered link building system. i know how easily and fast sites with no competiiton keywords can rank as long as the link building is of high quality. this can be done in as little as 48 hours if you know what your doing and understand the process properly....seo does not take months so do not try to fool me. i need an honest and capable person...this is an hourly position and is easy work using your own senuke XCR software. if you use other software also this is a bonus.....having article builder , vps would give you an advantage. once my sites are making good money i am prepared to share in the profits however this is only if a lower rate is given to me...