Integrate Joomla and Phpbb3 and membership area

Integrate Joomla and Phpbb3 and membership area


Job Description

Hi everyone,

Hopefully I will be able to explain this effectively. I am currently building a website for myself using a purchased responsive template. I have slightly edited this templates CSS to make it attractive to my viewers. It is my intention for my site to be a free site EXCEPT for 1 section which we will call the "school" I want the main area of the "school" to be open including a few pages of lessons HOWEVER I would like other sections within the school to require paying a 1 time fee to access (through paypal) I would like for my site to also have a phpbb3 forum with an mchat built in. This will be site with many pages that I can create myself with html. I am just not familiar with Mysql, phpbb, or joomla and how to make this all work together.

Please respond with examples of your work and how long you thing this type of project would take you to complete.

Skills: paypal