Javascript, MySQL & PHP

Javascript, MySQL & PHP


Job Description

Write a web application to allow users to keep track of stock quotes. You application must have:

‐ Acquire user email (please note this is not functional on codd due to school regulations)

‐ Allow user to add new stock symbols

- Allow users to retrieve multiple stock quotes

‐ display: current price, opening price, day high, day low, 52 week high, 52 week low, and day volume of each provided stock symbol. The current price (or last price) must be accompanied by the daily percentage change and must be in red if is lower than the opening price.

‐ Allow user to specify how often the page is refreshed. By default, it should refresh every 2 minutes along with allow the page to expire after a time as elapsed due to in activity on the server side.

- Allow your application to send an email to the acquired email every time the list of stock symbols changed. (even though this will not be functional but please build the logic)

This email should provide a link such that when it is clicked, the user will be presented with all the stock quotes

‐ Keep track of the users activity so when they navigate away from the page, they should not be allowed to view the quote again the system will time out.

Note: the stock quote can be obtained from any one of the API below

As always, your web pages must be valid xhtml