Mobile Web App Developer

Mobile Web App Developer


Job Description

My client is a company called EA Doce Pares - they are a very successful gym based in West London, UK. My client already has a website [] which has a lot of functionalities and features. EA Doce Pares want to extend their website’s functionality to mobile devices. My team and I have offered to help by developing a mobile web application for the gym.

We are sure that we want an app that will allow users to stay up-to-date with EA Doce Pares on their mobile phones. Users will be able to see what EA Doce Pares are doing at the gym. They can browse through photos, videos, see what is new on Facebook and Twitter page so that they'll never miss an update from EA Doce Pares.

However, we are uncertain about the type of technology that would be suitable for this. We would like a developer that would have the best ideas and solutions to our problems. One that is very skilled and can contribute and execute the best possible results.

Please see the attached document. All applicants are welcome. If you don't get a response with 2 - 3 weeks. Please assume that your application has been rejected. We apologies in advance as we usually receive a high number of applications.

Skills: mobile-application-development

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