Contact List Scraper

Contact List Scraper


Job Description

We are actively seeking for one individual who is an expert at scraping websites for data. We are specifically looking for someone who understands contact lists, the field names associated with same, and the best way to obtain this information from the public domain.

There are a number of sites that contain data that is an excellent example of what we are looking to capture. These include,, and

You should be able to access websites in order to capture information we need in regards to contacts. We will need to see existing scripts of your work and see them in action. We will provide you with up to ten servers in order to scrape the data needed. We will provide you with a list of up to 500 proxy servers in order to assist your efforts. You must understand how to write the algorithms needed in order to capture the information we are looking for. If you have not done this before - then please do not waste out time. We have a solid understanding of exactly what needs to be done in this space.

Please send us information about your abilities. It is not necessary to send a CV but instead we want to know of a list of websites you have scraped and the results. Most specifically we want to know your experience with contact list sites.

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