Inventory update script - Magento

Inventory update script - Magento


Job Description

I am a novice. I'm needing to have a way to update my inventory information (and possibly price) as often as possible.

I get three files periodically (hourly but during business hours). They are provided to me via FTP. and they come in CSV format.

I would like a script to use those files to update my products as often as possible.

Information I know is in the files availability, price, cost. The script would ideally:
1. compare the past information with the new information.
2. update the old information with the new information
3. report the changes.

item number three is the most difficult I assume.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to complete the job. They must be fluent English speakers. Must have verifiable job history in oDesk. Preference isn't give to lowest price. It is given to best value.

Job must be completed within 30 calendar days.

Contractor must assume responsibility for damage to database because of their work. They must provide 24 hour per day, 7 day per week emergency contact information.

Anything I consider to be a spammed job proposal will be declined immediately as I will not be making a decision on my contractor on a first come first serve basis.

Ask any questions you need to in order to provide the best possible price and time estimation for the job.

This is an offer for a one time job and will not result in an ongoing relationship with the contractor.

Server does not have a control panel. Data is managed via mysql though I assume you will be able to locate the data using your skills. I can't provide any information about the database. All work must be done via SSH or FTP

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