Job Description

The candidate for this job should be able to quickly create high-quality MP4 videos and must have experience. We would be looking for 24 hour turnaround. If you are interested, please send us a few samples of work that you personally have done.

We do a weekly internet radio podcast where we interview different guests. We have the interviews saved as MP3 files. We want a video editor to take the MP3, add some video content (including our logo, a picture of our host, a picture of our guest and the logo of his company (if he has one), and perhaps some appropriate video (or photos) that is connected to the theme of the interview), and then prepare it as an MP4 that we can load to Youtube. Here is a sample of the type of video that we want: Please note that we would be looking for something a little more impressive than this, but this is the basic idea. Every week there will be two new interviews to prepare, and we have a backlog of interviews that need to be converted to video (at least 40). In the beginning, we would expect the video editor to develop a system for creating these videos, and then each week, he would follow pretty much the same format. As such, it would take more time in the beginning, but then it should be pretty much the same each week.We will pay $5 per video.

Please reply PINOY AKO at the beginning of your cover letter. I repeat, this job is $5 PER VIDEO.

Thank you!

Skills: logo, basic

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