Outbound Telemarketing-Warm Leads Conversion

Outbound Telemarketing-Warm Leads Conversion


Job Description

We are currently looking for highly-motivated, professional, warm/friendly and persistent individuals to generate leads by calling diabetic patients and offering them ways to earn some extra cash while creating business/brand awareness.

You must have experience in outbound sales calling, as well as the following:

*Speaks fluent English with no obvious accent
*Strong communication skills; the ability to handle objections
*Cannot come across aggressive
*Ability to use call script and improvise as needed
*Use dialer, proper headset, no background noise, Agencies welcome
*Must provide detailed feedback via Excel or CRM database program
*Positive work ethic

Sample will be accessed via a phone scripted role play interaction.

Compensation: $125-$200 (negotiable) plus bonus measured by sales.

Please include the following phrase in your cover letter: Bentley the Bulldog

Skills: english, customer-relations