Business developer

Business developer


Job Description

We are a new business consultancy specialising in business consulting, IT development, outsourcing and human resources. This year, we are diversifying our business scope. Therefore we are looking for a few enthusiastic and organised people to make quality appointments for us, or to generate ‘quality’ leads.

The ideal person should have background in consulting or IT/ web. You must have excellent interpersonal skills not only with potential clients, but also with your peers within easyorange.

We are looking for a person who is shrewd in business and versatile.

The hired contractor is expected to find credible leads to increase our client base. We have a team to support you with information, literature and feedback. Best of all, we offer you commission for every successful contract you acquired.

If you think you would like a challenge, please get in touch. We might just be your great chance.

Please note that ONLY freelance candidates based in the Western-, Central- Europe, Australia, Japan and the US need to apply.

TERMS: 1st contract earned must be at least $500 worth. Subsequent contract must be at least $1000 worth. A commission of 5% based on profit margin will be rewarded for contract worth more than $1000.

Skills: outsourcing