Content writer for men's fashion and style blog

Content writer for men's fashion and style blog


Job Description

An excellent opportunity for someone looking to bolster their writing skills, portfolio and to make some income part-time while writing about topics they are interested in.

Ever feel like there is far too much noise in the world of men’s fashion and very little quality? Maybe you’re a short man yourself who can relate to the chronic issues of unfitting sizes or figuring out ‘style’. Maybe you have an amazing eye for fashion and style, a penchant for knowing what goes with what and why, or maybe you just have a 6th sense for best sales around. This is your opportunity to flex your creative muscles and be a part of a team catering to short men around the world.

I’m looking for someone(s) to write articles for a men’s fashion and style website (particularly short men). Topics will range from fashion, fitting, grooming, self-improvement and style tips. Articles would ideally be humorous and between 400 to 800 words long however it is QUALITY over QUANTITY.

This is a part-time position and the ideal candidates will:
- have some kind of writing samples (doesn’t have to be for something professional, anything that demonstrates and shows your writing style).
- be genuinely interested or have some expertise in men’s fashion with a prowess to discover how can one be their best self
o even better if you’re a short man yourself and can actually relate to the problems faced by guys when it comes to shopping, fit and style
- at least be able to write one article a week, however the more the merrier

It is not necessary but would be amazing if the candidate also:
- has a genuine interest and expertise in fashion and style tips for SHORT MEN
- would be able to add multimedia in the articles (because it’s no fun reading dry text), so stuff like pictures, videos, slideshows etc.

What you will get:
- credit for all your content (all your articles will be under your name)
- $20~$25 per article
Please email me a bit about yourself, writing samples and the topics you would be interested in writing about.