Tech Support - Dialup, DSL, Email, Web

Tech Support - Dialup, DSL, Email, Web


Job Description

We are looking for a permanent part time technical support professional to assist in providing high quality customer support for our US customers.

Job Requirements:
1. Impeccable english & clear speech
2. Understanding of Dialup & DSL troubleshooting issues
3. Understanding of Web, FTP, and Frontpage issues
4. Understanding of Email, PoP3, SMTP, IMAP.
5. Friendly and attentive to customer.
6. Available 8AM to 5PM PST.
7. Good technical troubleshooting skills
8. Efficient and time conscious
9. Reliable high Internet for provided Soft Phone
10. Reliable high speed computer that is able to run a Soft Phone application.
11. Able to work alone and find answers quickly to a variety of support issues.
12. Able to utilize online logging and lookup systems.

Approximately 5 to 20 hours a week.

You will be provided a telephone and you will be paid by the minute for calls that you answer or place on behalf of Pageland or other clients that Pageland has.


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