PHP / CodeIgniter Developer - Cities in Radius

PHP / CodeIgniter Developer - Cities in Radius


Job Description

We have an in-house application to help manage our SEO business. In order to keep up with demand we need to hire additional developers. I would like to interview on Skype to see if it is a good fit. From there we will have multiple projects for you.

This project is to receive a US city and produce all the cities in a given number of miles radius. As well, we would like to look up the population of those cities and display. We would like to be able to check those cities and put those into a database.


PHP Programming Language
CodeIgniter Framework
Object Oriented

If you can not be available on regular basis, please don't bother applying for our job. We currently have 3 developers and 2 are not able to keep up so we are looking to hire more to keep up with demand.

I will need to see sample applications and some sample code that you have completed.



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