Layout Artist Needed for Ongoing Project

Layout Artist Needed for Ongoing Project


Job Description

We have a client who we currently manage and they own a marketing company that does direct mail pieces. Each piece consists of 3 elements:

1. Flyer (8-1/2 x 11, 4/4)
2. Flyer (8-1/2 x 11, 4/1)
3. Envelope (9 x 12, 1/0)

1. The first flyer is basically an ad using the given customer's photos and verbiage, arranged professionally. The lower 1/5 of the flyer is a tear-off business reply mail postcard. There will be a template to place photos and information, so that each one does not need re-designing. The customer likely will have a pre-existing piece, of which the artwork would be converted to fit this template.

2. The second flyer is an ad for the given customers, with the customer choosing 1 of 4 template formats. Basically plug in their logo, address, etc. and their photos to the template they choose. The back of this flyer is exactly the same each time and requires no layout/design work, other than to include it in the final print file.

3. The envelope has a 1-color printed front, with the customer logo/address in upper left hand corner, and a bulk mail stamp on the upper right (stays the same each time).

As far as the project duration, this client will order anywhere from 1-5 of these jobs from us each week, every month of the year. So this would be an ongoing project for the chosen layout artist.

The ideal candidate would have superb English-speaking and writing skills, and be able to communicate directly with clients via email. Proofreading skills are a must!

Artwork would be uploaded by the client and accessible via YouSendIt.

Since this is primarily template-based, it should not take more than one hour per job. For that reason, we are looking for a layout designer that can fit inside the tight budget set forth to our agency for this project.

The project kickoff for the new designer would begin in mid-late March, and we would allow for a ramp-up period to become accustomed to the templates, if needed.

Skills: design, layout-design, email-support