Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer


Job Description

I am looking for a skilled web developer update to date on the latest development technologies (HTML5, CSS, etc.)

The website I'm looking to build is a job hunting website. Similar functionality to It will of course require membership to the site, a backend database/CMS for all of the information and resources that will be kept, etc.

I will provide the design for all pages in PSD/Photoshop format.

I want to work with someone that will not just code something then give it to me to look at. I want someone that will make the small adjustments that are necessary, test the areas they develop, etc. I need a skilled developer here. This is a large project and if it's successful, it will lead to MUCH more web development work. I'm looking for a web development partner that I can use over and over again.

Please respond specifically to this posting. If you have examples of similar sites you have built, please provide the link AND a reference for that site.

If you choose, you may build a very basic 1 or 2 page site with extremely basic CMS functionality to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. This might help me make my decision. If I hire you, I will pay you for that time.

English is a must.

Some more details:
>Users will be able to sign up as either Employers or Job Seekers
>The UI for each of these types of users will be different
>Employers will post jobs
>Job seekers will post resumes, videos, etc.
>All users will have the ability to create their profiles as they choose
>Will want people to be able to log in using Facebook login (similar to other sites that allow this)
>Will need the ability to search through jobs, job seekers, etc. with relevant responses showing up.
>Small ecommerce area may be needed.

There will be more, but this is the core of the site. Please provide everything I requested and a rough estimate of hours.

Thank you,