MVC Developer

MVC Developer


Job Description

Thanks to all bidders, due to the high number, we would like to say that only coders, that have had experience with MVC 4 should apply. Preference is for an MVC 4 example to be provided.

We are looking for developers to help work with a Microsoft .NET and more
specifically, an Asp.Net MVC 4 project. There are 3 initial parts to build.

1. A client review Single Page Application (spa), which should be built
with offline storage, geo location for business lookups and provide general
controls for capturing the answers to a dynamic list of multiple choice
questions (which are to be entered in the Administrator console below).

2. Implementation of a custom search engine to return these reviews.
Architecturally this should be using a abstract factory interface pattern
so that other search engine implementations can be developed in the future.

3. An administrator console. Which allows for the addition, removal and
hiding of these questions. Additionally it should be able to report on
progress/stats of the questions asked? View stats on customers signed up.

*Architecture*. Ideally we would like a client UI built in HTML CSS JS with
Data Services via JSON developers that are using DXTREAME well, will be preferred. Data storage in the server should be via Entity Framework and into sql server.

Again, developers that embrace MVC best practice such as dependency
injection will be preferred.

Skills: mvc, .net, json