health and fitness

health and fitness


Job Description

I need organization to my ebook and about 2000 words extra content and editing.... Currently, I have 5,947 words...

Additionally, I believe that the story that I tell about myself should be in the beginning of the book. As it stands, the story about my health and fitness journey starts in chapter one.~ Please share your thoughts on this... Also, can you write a 30 sec description of the book?

My intention is to focus more on the thought aspect of being healthy. However, I touch on exercise and eating healthy as well. The titles that I've been thinking of are, "Use your thoughts to get in the Best Shape of your Life," "Your thoughts can get you in the Best shape of your life," "Think yourself fit and healthy."

I'm not quite sure on the title yet...I would like it to work well with the content of course. I would like you to assist with this as well if possible...

Question: does your edit include consist of a Comprehensive edit. If not out of the three levels of editing, substantive editing, copyediting and proofreading. I believe substantive editing is #1 on my list at this point, if I had to choose.

I look forward to your response.

Moe Sims