Series of web sites for targeted campaigns

Series of web sites for targeted campaigns


Job Description

Series of web sites for campaigns

I want a series of of web sites building, each will be for a specific type of targeted postal campaign.

The web site will create the letters for the user, track responses and create follow on letters.

The workflow for a simple site would be as follows. this is just an example

1. Users register on the site, and confirm registration using a link emailed to them
2. View the product
3. Buy the product online
4. enter details of their customers (say 10)
5. site will generate PDF letters [letter1] to the customers which the user can download or have emailed to themselves.
6. User will enter details of the dates they actually send the letter to the customers
7. site will allow user to enter dates and details of responses
8. Site emails user every week reporting progress and reminders
9. When a response is received another letter [letter 2] is generated and tracked like above
10. After a set time (say 60) days if no response received from a customers then another letter[letter3] is generated and tracked.

I first want to select a short list of developers who have the skills and experience to work on these sites.

The specification of the first web site will be sent to the short list, and the final candidate selected.

You must choose the appropriate technology to build the sites.
I will host and maintain the sites.
You must be able to communicate well with me in written English
You must be available for online text chat
You must have the skills necessary to develop these sites

Please reply indicating
1. Skills and experience
2. The technologies you will use to create the sites
3. An estimate of your price to create the first site based on points 1-10 above.

Skills: pdf, english