Shopping Cart Redesign

Shopping Cart Redesign


Job Description

Our abandoned shopping cart rate is around 72%, so we have redesigned the UI to simplify, improve buyer confidence, and eliminate hidden fields that cause the shopper to question whether the outcome is worth the effort. We have already designed in Photoshop, but now we need to code it in Dreamweaver and tie it into the backend third party eCommerce engine.

You will be supported by a strong graphics team and clear direction. We are looking for someone who is fluent in English, live in the United States, and is expert in Dreamweaver, BizCommerce and eCommerce security measures. We will start with this project, but have much more work for the right candidate. Ideally, our contract worker is in close proximity to our Orange County, California office for occasional meetings, but it is not necessary.

While you manage your own time, it is absolutely critical that deadlines are met. You will play an active part in setting these deadlines and agreeing to project scope and expectations. As such, we expect that you keep your word and adhere to these commitments. While unexpected occurrences happen, they should be few and far between. We like to work in small, achievable projects - easy to track progress, stay on time, invoice/pay prompt, and keeps us honest about how much work is done for how much in billing. I'm a contract worker myself and can attest to the work environment and its advantageous approach to contract work.

We are a fun, outgoing team.....we have good sales, looking to make them better. Our peak selling season is coming up so we are ready to get started now. If you cannot get started in the next 7 days, then please indicate when you are available.

Skills: english