Job Description

I want to learn more about Bitcoin
I want to write a Book or Comic about Bitcoin. I will not draw.
Knowledge of Bitcoin API Json and PHP is welcome.

I want to learn more about Bitcoin.
Probably a person with knowledge and good research and even documents, is welcome.
I know Bitcoin has service with eWallets and also some PHP JSON and + API, I believe some are free and some are not. Learning to use this, or finding one of this would be nice, I search for API and I find little code, don´t know if thats all. API Code needed.
better to start?
Free vs Paid Wallet services??

there are more than 1 service required,
I do not have much money,
but for what I want I believe is fair,
I am not asking for complete trade tool,
or for perfect documentation and history
nor for leonardo da vinc, magritte or monet