Seeking Illustrator for Graphic Novel

Seeking Illustrator for Graphic Novel


Job Description

First of all, please disregard my budget. I have no idea what my budget is going to be, much less what it will need to be. That is why I am looking to get bids here. I am a screenwriter and producer with two properties that are particularly suited toward development as graphic novels and I am looking for candidates to illustrate them. One of these is a superhero story and the other is a Western. Both have a female central character.

While I have ideas about the visual style, I am interested in seeing whether a particular artist strikes me for either of these stories. If you have a preference or particular affinity for one genre over the other, please let me know. The superhero story is more comedic and PG in nature. The Western is somewhat violent and sexy in a more R-rated manner.

My preference would be to work with one artist or group that can handle all the graphic work from my script. The Western is an 89 page screenplay and the superhero screenplay is 129 pages; I have not yet converted these into comic-book script format, but I envision both of these being worked into roughly 100 page books, making room for a varying combination of small panels and full-page or double-page spreads.

I also have a preference for an artist who works digitally so that the final books can be easily formatted for digital distribution. While I fully intend to make a print version available, my initial goal is for an ebook.

The artist I work with would be doing this as a work-for-hire, but I would give proper credit for the work when published and promoted.

The bid should be for ONE of the books, not both. And it should include a bit of detail on how long this might REALISTICALLY take. I would also like to know something about your work and collaboration style, how you prefer to communicate, etc. And I am only interested in working with artists whose work is already honed and sharp. You don't need published comic books, but your work should be on par with what is found in the major publishers. Also, and this is very important, please address the use of color or black and white line drawings in your bid. For the Western in particular, I see this being mainly a black and white project with possibly splashes of color throughout (blood, perhaps) and a color cover. For the superhero story, I think color should play a more prominent role.