Graphic Designing Wordpress Web Master required

Graphic Designing Wordpress Web Master required


Job Description

I am looking for a talented graphic designer with Wordpress skills to put together a visually impressive website for my project, After Ice.

After Ice is a Space based Sci-Fi PC game (in the early stages of development) as well as three short stories, a novel and a comic book, which have all been written although we are still editing the novel.

The website is currently a holding page (here: There is kind of a website here: too but I do not like how it looks. And there is also some material here:

I need someone who can take the content we have built up, unify and consolidate it and make it look good so that it can be published at as a single sensible website. I have a copywriter that I like working with if we need any additional copy.

If you and I enjoy working together and I like the work you do then I will then be looking to ask you to add new features and content to the new site you create as and when necessary. Hopefully this will turn into a long term business relationship which grows as this project grows.

After Ice has existed for a little over a year. However, it is an independently financed project, with all expenses being covered by me. I am expecting to pay fairly for your time and I understand very well that "you get what you pay for" however if you are too expensive then we will not be able to work together.

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