Checklist Lesson Planning Rails Application

Checklist Lesson Planning Rails Application


Job Description

I have a client looking to build a lesson planning web application for his music school. The following is his description:

"I need to be able to create and edit multiple lists of musical skills. Students will login and be able to bring up lists in progress. Each list will show all skills in that list and which skills have been completed and which skills still needing to be completed by the student. Each skill has a printable file and a video file linked to it. Each skill should track if print and video file have been downloaded if possible. There needs to be some kind of practice log for each student as well that will track the lists completed, lists in progress, total skills completed and a running total of days, weeks, months and minutes practiced.

Then if possible, a Teachers module included that allows for a teacher to group their students in a list and so when a student logs in, the teacher can communicate with just the students that are theirs... some kind of opening screen dashboard or something....

Then of course an admin for me so I can create the lists, modify and edit them, and see an overall stats on the students and teachers and content."

The site will be built using Rails 3 with Postgres as a backend and be able to be put onto Heroku. I've attached a list of the user stories that I believe this site will require.

I am looking for a fixed bid for the site and whether this can be developed. For an expert developer, this should be 2-3 days of work. I will need final delivery within 5 days of contract start. All unit tests must be delivered along with the code. Code must be uploaded to Github throughout development. This site must also incorporate twitter bootstrap.

Skills: video

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