Jomsocial Family Groups

Jomsocial Family Groups


Job Description

We need to use Jomsocial to create family groups.

The first person to register will be a paid membership. This user will be considered the "head of the family". Membership will be done through OSE Membership.

When this account is created a jomsocial group will have to be automaticly created for this family. This person will have the ability to create new users. Any new users they create will be a part of their family.

Once accounts are created the members can enter data into Fabrik form/table. The head of the family will be able to see all the data from all the family members as well as delete and add records.

Most of the Joomla website will be setup. We need someone to step in the setup the automatic group creation, the ability for the paid members to create new users, add those new users to the group, and giving the head of the family control over the fabrik table and data.