Magento french e-commerce : audit + SEO optimization

Magento french e-commerce : audit + SEO optimization


Job Description

Part 1 of the job : Audit
For a french e-commerce selling professional clothings, developped with Magento, we already identified some technical problems : multi-stores that don't correctly get supplied in products, contact form that doesn't send correctly the infos, etc.

Before we go straight forward in fixing some isolated bugs, we want you to realize an audit of all the platform, so that we clearly identify what needs to be done.

You will then run a technical audit of the e-commerce, listing what works and what needs to be fixed.
We expect to receive a detailled document, listing the different points of action you will find, organized by relevant categories.
The audit should be a powerpoint document, and should come along with an .xls backlog of all the action points listed, that we will use to prioritize the tasks with the client.

Part 2 of the job : SEO optimization
We already did a technical SEO audit of the website (50 simple powerpoint pages), and we listed some recommendations to improve the SEO performances of the website.
We have a backlog with 15-20 tasks to do, like change the H1 position on the templates, add some text zones, add micro-formats on the breadcrumbs, etc.
We would like you to apply now those recommendations in the back-office of the e-commerce.

Amount of work expected : 4 days (2 for the audit, 2 for the SEO optimization)
Expected delivery : 1 audit document (powerpoint) + 1 backlog // direct modifications on the clients website
Language : Ability in French would be a very big "plus"
Budget : $1200-$1500