Web App Developer (Full/Part Time)

Web App Developer (Full/Part Time)


Job Description

Midtown software company is seeking Web App Developer with Microsoft Technologies experience to work at home or Office for at lease 20-25 hours per week.

Responsibilities will include:
developing and maintaining Inventory control, Purchase Order process, Reports, analyses, and other business intelligence solutions using aggregated and synthesized data
from SQL Server databases, MySQL
troubleshooting and supporting existing intranet and client-server apps
developing new database-driven intranet apps as requested
developing and maintaining our company website

Technical Requirements:
Solid understanding of relational database concepts, structures, principles, best practices
2+ yrs experience with SQL Server , MySQL
2+ yrs experience with either .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python
2+ yrs experience with: XML, Javas cript, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, VBA for Microsoft Office (MS Access, Excel and Word)

Additional Requirements:
Excellent time management skills
Strong attention to quality, detail
Excellent problem solving, analytical, communication/interpersonal skills
Excellent working ethic and reliable