Video Editor

Video Editor


Job Description

Here are our requirements for Video Editor Position:

1. Any knowledge of the healing industry like Reiki, Massage, EFT, or holistic healing in any way is a plus.

2. They need to be able to work from 12 Noon to 8 PM EST.

3. They should be able to edit audio and video with *current and up to date* software using a computer a year old or less.

4. They need own and know how to use Aftereffects or Motion, Final Cut Pro 7/Final Cut Pro 10/Adobe Premier current version a MUST.

5. Any knowledge of graphic art like Adobe PhotoShop to design web art and graphic art would be a plus.

6. They need to understand how to edit to music like when making a music video, and be able to choose music, pictures, footage, etc. for the final project.

7. They should be able to do special effects.

8. They need to have a headset on SKYPE to speak with.

9. They need be easily contactable during their work hours through SKYPE.

10. They need to be protective of my video and audio content.

11. They need to be able to do other technical tasks like manage our forum by putting up audios, videos, handouts and audio replays in our Forum on time according to the daily/weekly schedule.

12. They also need to be good at Tech Support and handle all tech support issues by email on an hourly basis. Tech support experience would be a plus. They need to be able speak well on the phone to handle any phone tech support if needed.

13. They need to be able to learn Instant TeleSeminar, Basecamp and our Forum. We are willing to train in these programs. Knowing Instant TeleSeminar and Basecamp is a plus.

14. They need to know how to use DropBox and have DropBox Pro account of their own at least 200 GB with this amount of space available--this is a MUST

15. They need to be willing to learn and understand my work well enough, so they can independently edit my material into wonderful complete products with little assistance.

16. They need to be able to follow instructions, provide daily updates as to where they are with each task or project, and be self-motivated.

Please send some samples of your work. NO AGENCIES PLEASE!!!