Message Man - iOS 7 mobile app developer

Message Man - iOS 7 mobile app developer


Job Description

Message Man and Message Man Lite are two apps in the Apple app store.

The main difference between the two is that the Lite version has iADs displayed.

I had engaged an oDesk developer to update the UI and apply some feature updates to the underlying code.

Unfortunately, due to other work commitments, my developer has had to stop the work.

I believe that the UI layer has been mostly completed, now I want the new features developed and linked to the UI.

I am looking for a developer to complete this development, help me with testing and uploading to the iOS store.


The objective of this project is to add some feature updates to the Message Man and Message Man lite applications


★ Update Message man and Message Man Lite in readiness for iOS 7 (and backwards compatible)

★ Completely new screen design and new features

★ Users of Message Man will be upgraded to V2 with full functionality

★ Message man Lite will be updated to Message Man Lite V2

Underlying code is exactly the same in both apps

★ Lite users will have the new functionality screens

★ But without the new features

★ New functionality screens will have a message asking Lite users to upgrade through ‘inapp purchase’ to use the

★ Lite will have iADs

★ Lite will have 3 maximum messages

Update Feature Requirements
★ Develop for iOS7, with backwards compatibility

★ Location-based reminders

★ iCloud and dropbox integration to backup/restore messages

✦ Phone call reminders

★ Add in-app purchase screens to all new functionality in lite version

* testing
* provision and submit to app store
* get designs from supplied layered photoshop file
* write test script to enable me test

The developer must be able to develop for iOS 7

Please download/review at least the lite (free) version of the app from the App Store to understand the requirements before you apply for the job

developer requirements;

provisioning and submit to app store
get designs from layered photoshop file
test script
iOS 7