Experienced iOS Developer

Experienced iOS Developer


Job Description

Here at BlueJungle Studios we are looking for a full time programmer to come on board and help us with our existing project and our upcoming titles which will be for iOS which we will then later port to Android, Windows and Facebook.

You must be familiar with GitHub as that is key to our operation and also be an expert when it comes to unity3D C/C++, Objective C, C# and Java + fluent writing & speaking English.

With that you must also have a reliable Internet connection, be available via Skype & Email constantly.

You will be working within a team which is a high paced environment and meeting deadlines is essential aswell as been able to think outside the box.

To give you an idea of the scope of working you will be working on:
Updating our current endless runner style game
Puzzle style games with physics involved think of angry birds
Escape type games (100 floors)

So front end of the game - how it works etc all the way to the backed ie IAP, social media integration, iCloud etc

To apply you must be able to demonstrate a variety of iOS game which you have solely worked on the programming side of things and explain how you went about it.

By applying for this role if selected you will only be able to work on projects solely with Blue Jungle Studios as we do not want to hire someone who will also have other projects beside ours to be working on.

No agencies please - we are looking for a individual freelancer