Imagemagick Animated GIF Meme Generator Bug Fix

Imagemagick Animated GIF Meme Generator Bug Fix


Job Description

I recently hired a freelancer to develop a Meme Generator that is compatible with animated GIF images. I wanted him to clone but add in animated GIF support. This is an example of a working animated GIF Meme generator

This is how the Meme generator currently works (if you want access to my live site and test it for yourself, please send me a message)
1) User uploads an animated GIF image
2) Add text to the image
3) Save image

There are 2 bugs that I have found

First bug:
The text is very pixelated and blurry, there is also a black outline around the white border for some reason. I want to make the text pixel perfect just like what this website can do

Original image:
I added the text "DEMO DEMO DEMO" (with blue font color and white outline)
Generated image:

Second bug:
Sometimes when i generate (save) the final image, the original gif is distorted and the text moves slightly upwards. The banner height sometimes increases and decreases as well.

Screenshot before i generated the final image:
I added the text "DEMO DEMO DEMO" (with green font color and red outline)
Final generated image:
(you can see this in the example in the first bug too, the height is cut from 90px to 81px)