Volusion - Single-use coupons

Volusion - Single-use coupons


Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Volusion developer to give us the ability to add Single-Use coupons to our store.

Currently Volusion allows us to limit the use to one per customer. But we need the coupon to only be used one time. The goal is to prevent the unique coupon code from being reused or distributed to others.

This is currently not supported by Volusion but could be achieved through custom programming.

A good candidate should:
- Be very experienced with Volusion from both development and administration sides
- Be very experienced with .net and sql as this project would require custom coding
- Have proven experience in entending Volusion's functionality (examples please)
- Be available to talk during US business hours

Only respond with relevant experience and include the phrase "sugar free" at the top of your response. If this is not included, you will not be considered.

Skills: administration, .net

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