Wordpress WEBSITE design

Wordpress WEBSITE design


Job Description

We are looking for someone who has a wealth of experience able to take on a challenge to create an award-winning site that captivates the masses to take action on climate change issues.

SITE 1 will allow people to showcase 1 minute videos to show others how to save money while saving the planet. ( like HOW TO or HOWCAST)

Site 2 will be a charity website to inform/educate, show how to take action, then showcase what they did when it comes to air pollution and reducing emissions but not driving, not idling, etc.

Although there is budget, it is small so we are wanting someone who is environmentally aware and wants to do their part by offering their skills to the cause.

PASSION ( Envronmental Health / Children's health and future)
EXPERIENCE ( Creative designs that stand out )
CREATIVITY ( Innovative ideas and solutions to the need to 'activate' others)