New Joomla Template with Login

New Joomla Template with Login


Job Description

We want a new template with content from our our existing website There will be quite a few changes in content (text and images).

From our new template we would like a user to be able to click on a Clients Section. The Clients Section will actually be run from our old website - so the client will go to a page

Please use username: shafik, password: password lime.

There are currently approx 10 different usernames. From each landing page for a user (the page you land in once you login), there are 7 general pages that a user can visit. You can only see one of these general pages.

In the Clients Section we need the following to be designed in similar format to our template:
i) The login page (we want this completely redesigned with a large image)
ii) The 10 landing pages
iii) The 7 general pages

We would like to keep both the new template and the newly designed Clients Section (Joomla 1.0) on the same domain.

We will want all work to be done on a test site and then moved over once everything is working perfectly.

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