Front end and Node.js Developer

Front end and Node.js Developer


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced NodeJs and Frontend developer to help us build a custom Ecommerce site.

Our product uses an API centric approach meaning all the Ecommerce functionality will be implemented via calls to our custom API server which is also built using NodeJS. The developer should already know how to work with modern tools/techniques/libraries such as bootstrap, responsive design, client side MVC/MVVM using AngularJs/BackboneJs/KnockoutJS, data binding e.t.c.

The scope of the project includes building the Frontend and the backend functions which make and receive calls from the API. The API server is still in development so some collaboration with the other developer will be required. We already have UI bootstrap template so minimal work will be required on that end.

We are looking for someone who writes clean, maintainable, well documented code and takes pride in the quality of their work.

Additionally, having experience with Andorid, IOS, PhoneGap is a BIG plus as might result in additional work to build the Mobile Ecommerce Apps.

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