iPhone App - Multiple Social Networks

iPhone App - Multiple Social Networks


Job Description

Hello and welcome to everyone!

This project is about connecting multiple social networks together. This will be the first release of the app. We will provide complete wireframes, workflow and graphics so all you need to think about is coding the app.

Here are some features we can disclose before signing the NDA:
- custom login screen for each Social Network
- data backup ability to dropbox, google drive and box.com
- v. 1.0 supported networks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn Twitter, Skype, Gmail
(One new Social Network will be added every month)
- push notifications
- TestFlight will be used during the Development to deploy test versions
- A metrics SDK will be used to understand the app performance (Flurry Analytics)
- There will be a "More" section, feeded by external images & links.

How we work:
-We need an NDA signed by the developers, including a Copy of a valid id. We also provide our id Copy.
-We ask our developer to ask everyone who works on the project to sign an NDA.
-We need a daily Preview of the App, to be sure the project is on track.

How we assign the project:
- We ask for similar solutions offered by our developer for past clients.
- We send the NDA to interesting contractors.
- We send the wireframes of the App and the wireframes of the Test App
- We ask the developer to develop a small Test App covering the most important task of the App.

Please do not contact us on Skype but on the workroom first.
Please do not make proposals before having the whole project information.

All this requirements might sound too complex and hard to respect, but being precise will help you and us to develop a good quality App.
If you are a very well prepared developer and willing to work at an competitive rate, you will find in us a good and longlasting client.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerly, Vasile Mirel Dumitru.

Skills: facebook, linkedin, twitter, gmail

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