Complaint / Problem Manager

Complaint / Problem Manager


Job Description

We are looking for someone to be our lead person in dealing with customer and vendor problems. This is a job that is full time and requires experience. This person will work with the other departments of our company to solve customer problems as well as vendor fulfillment issues and problems.

1. Speak perfect English with little or no accent on the phone
2. Reliable - works Mon-Fri, rarely calls out sick and is seeking long-term job
3. Organized - work is fast paced and you will have to be great at organizing
4. Creative - you will have to look for solutions in hard situations
5. Friendly - you have to always sound friendly to the customer
6. Stern - you will also have to argue with vendors successfully
7. Negotiating Skills - you must show good negotiating skills & experience
8. Good at Math - math is paramount to many other skills for critical thinking and if you are good at math and good with people you will probably do well

- Hours will be New York 10:00AM -19:00PM with lunch and other breaks but you can be located anywhere in the world. Remote work is 100% ok.
- 40+ hours weekly
- Full time, starts immediately

Please demonstrate or explain why you would be good at dealing with customer and vendor problems well.

Please ask questions you have any.

Skills: english, customer-relations, operations-management

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