activeCollab / gitolite / GitHub Ninja

activeCollab / gitolite / GitHub Ninja


Job Description

I purchased ac_gitolite and have have issues with its implementation. I need assistance properly setting it up on my development, staging, and live server.

On my dev server, I could also use assistance setting up a script that periodically (say, every five minutes) or on demand pulls some branch from my central repo.

For the production environment, I would like to have the staging server pull, say, master, and having the production server pull the branch production.

Please dont bid unless:

1> You are ready to start now. Not start like get project details. Start.
2> You are available to discuss details with me on Skype, and will remain that way while working on a project for me.
3> Will be able to demonstrate that you are not going to just create more headache for me by messing about and learning on the job.

I am dedicated to building out my activeCollab installation, as well as a very functional and neat Git setup. If you give me the time, and attention, I will keep the work coming.