Job Description

My company name is Volton Media LLC; it's a small start-up voip calling card service. The plan is to growth from basic calling card into a major player in the communication business. We want to add a home and business phone business ( like magic jack and voyage). We want to build Apps that is more futuristic and very useful.

We need an Expert to be part of our team. He or She will be working solely for us and will be the backbone of the company. Will be responsible for building all systems, like the APPs, platforms, 24/7 tech support as need, SEO and Social media marketing. etc

I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A COMPANY. i just need an individual who has at least 9 of the skill below.

1. Can build any kind of App that looks great and works PERFECTLY.
2. Expert in VOIP
3. know SEO and Social Media marketing well
4. Is up to date with all technologies out there required in this business.
5. Can build perfectly looking and functioning sites
6. Ready for any job challenge
7. Is willing to be a team player and willing to find answers to issue that we may encounter
8. Have good access to internet.
9. Is an individual and Not working for any company
10. Will give the company 100% attention and make Volton media a priority.

Please you will need to provide job reference and people i can contact to prove your expertise.

Do not apply if you do not meet the requirements. You will be paid bi-weekly or monthly.

Thanks for considering Volton Media.

Skills: voip, mobile-application-development