UK Frozen Pension Lead Generation Campaign

UK Frozen Pension Lead Generation Campaign


Job Description

This process includes:
 Getting leads of individuals who have a Frozen Pension and wants to Retrieve or
Unfreeze the same.
 Capturing information of the individuals like Frozen pension amount, Provider’s name,
Personal details etc.
 Submitting the details to the client.

Then the client’s team from UK will call on those leads generated and will verify the details and
qualify them to unfreeze their Frozen Pension.
Once leads from a particular center are verified and qualified, they become eligible for payouts.

Payout Structure:
 1 to 50 Leads: 35 GBP per Lead.
 51 to 100 Leads: 40 GBP per Lead.
 100 Leads and above: 50 GBP per Lead.

Payments are released every 15 days for the amount of qualified leads in that particular
period of 15 days.
The process has to be started with a minimum of 10 Seats.
The contract signing will be done directly with the client and you would be provided with a
portal on which you need to upload your leads and the recordings as well with your unique
center code we will provide you with.
Training will be provided online on Skype. If you want a trainer to physically come to your
center then it would be chargeable at a minimal cost and If the center is out of Mumbai then the
center has to pay for the travelling and accommodation of the trainer.