Skilled iOS Developer

Skilled iOS Developer


Job Description

(N.B. If you have already applied to a previous listing of this job, kindly to not reapply. I will be in touch shortly if I wish to take the discussion forward. I am also looking for developers from North America or Europe only. Please do not apply if this does not describe you.)

I am looking for someone who is very experienced in mobile development to create an iOS app in Obj C.

It will be a very simple app that will be sent content (a medical handbook, specifically) in zipped HTML files from a RESTful web service. Here is a wireframe:

Basic requirements:

Login home screen (although registration itself will be handled by the web developer)
Contents / subsections - possibly as a scroll bar
Search functionality
Bookmark functionality
Offline caching
Update prompt (i.e. When the app is updated via the online CMS, user will be prompted to download latest version.)

The job will begin approximately 3 weeks from now and will pay $1000 (excluding ODesk fee).

Hard Requirements:

- A team of one, two or three developers only. Applications from companies any larger than this will be ignored.
- Must have accrued at least 200 hours on ODesk.
- Must take pride in their work and make well-functioning products.
- Must speak and write English well i.e. Any obvious spelling or grammatical errors in the application will be an instant dealbreaker.

Here's what you need to do next, if you are interested:

- Please reply with examples of your previous work. If I like your previous work, I will reply and give you more details.

*** IMPORTANT when you reply, start by typing the code words "green buffalo."

This way I will know you took the time to read the complete description instead of replying to all new submissions like many people do!

Thanks a lot.

Skills: iphone-development, english, typing

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