Virtual assistant 2 week trial

Virtual assistant 2 week trial


Job Description

Hello - I would like to employ a permanent virtual assistant

The first 2 weeks I will have as a trial period.

Here are examples of the tasks i will be asking for:

would like to have an assistant to work 10 hours a week

Some of the tasks that i will ask for will include the following:

- editing and improving our websites
- know wordpress well
- researching specific information to add to our blogs
- Reading, sorting through emails - must know gmail well
- Boosting our online web sites seo's and giving good advice on where to channel our advertizing to. Know and understand the products that are on our websites
- Researching competition and helping us stay up to date on new online products related to the products that we offer.
- Other tasks that can be performed online.

I will be sending specific tasks each week.
I would like a milestone update every 2 hours.

If there are questions relating to a task i have set I would like these questions emailed back to me and then the task to be on hold until i reply - this may be quite a few hours later due to the time difference. Therefore i would like the task then to be put on 'hold' until i have been able to answer these questions.

I would like, though, to have LESS to organize and deal with due to the use of a virtual assistant and so i would like this person to try and resolve as many issues as they can without my help.

I look forward to a long, trust worthy business agreement that may develop to full time work in the future.

Thank you
Kind regards

Skills: gmail