Math Application For Business

Math Application For Business


Job Description

Hello Odesk,

I am searching for someone who is knowledgeable in Math Applications For Business.

Overview of Course

1)Linear Equations, Functions and Graphs
2)Differential Calculus and the Derivative
3)Sets and probabilities
4)Applications of Counting
5) Mathematics of Finance

Specifically be able to..

=Use derivative in marginal analysis and to locate maxima and minima in functions that describe a variety of relationships between two variables.

=Solve Probability problem using set theory and the sentence approach, Venn diagrams, tree diagrams, matrices, permutations and combinations

=Use Bayes theorem to revise probabilities based on new information

=Calculate present and future values using simple and compound interest formulas

=Calculate annuities using present and future values, including the construction and use of amortization schedules.


This is a request for a tutor to help me with these questions i may have for my course.

Your salary will depend on how well you are able to explain these concepts to me.